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We are looking for new lab members for all three faculty. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in joining our group

September 25-28

GSA in Denver. Members of our group will be presenting in four different sessions.

October 26-29

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting (Salt Lake). Our vertebrate component of the group will be presenting (17 presentations!)

January 3-7, 2016

Dr. Stocker will be attending the SICB meeting in Portland, Oregon

January 6, 2017

Application dealine for joining the paleobiology and geobiology group in the geosciences department at Virginia Tech

What we do

From asking questions to disseminating results, the Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group at Virginia Tech explores the breadth of the fossil record using both field-based tools and cutting-edge analytical techniques. Common themes in our research include the origins of major clades, phylogenetic reconstruction, faunal change, extinction, environmental changes, and taphonomic processes.

Our current projects range from understanding the Neoproterozoic fossil record and its paleoenvironmental context to exploring the early evolutionary history of dinosaurs and their relatives. On the following pages are more details about our projects, resources, and the people involved. Welcome!


Contact Dr. Nesbitt or Dr. Xiao and provide the following details:

-Your name

-What research interests you have

-What degree you are seeking


Website updated: 19 September 2016


     The deadline for Geosciences applications is January 6th 2017 for fall 2017. Please contact Dr. Xiao and Dr. Nesbitt if you are interested in applying to our research group (to the right).


     Michelle Stocker and her team introduce a new, bizarre reptile and show that dinosaurs are mimics of their older relatives. Press or interested parties: go here for the paper, here for the press resource page.