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Shuhai Xiao.jpg

Dr. Xiao is a geobiologist that studies early animal life from all over the world. His work has illustrated the extraordinary preservation of fossil cells and continues to study the early evolution of some of the most bizarre creatures to ever have lived.


Shuhai received his PhD degree from Harvard University. He taught three years at Tulane University before joining Virginia Tech in 2003. He is interested in biological and environmental evolution in the Proterozoic Eon (2500-540 Ma).


Dr. Xiao’s research site

Shuhai Xiao

Nesbitt headshot 3-19-18.jpg

Dr. Nesbitt is a vertebrate paleontologist interested in terrestrial vertebrate evolution during Earth’s great transitions. Particularly, Sterling studies the rise of reptiles (archosaurs and their relatives) following the end-Permian extinction.


Sterling received a BA in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, a PhD in Geosciences from Columbia University and has conducted postdoctoral projects at The University of Texas at Austin, University of Washington, and the Field Museum of Natural History.

Dr. Nesbitt’s research site

Sterling Nesbitt

Dr. Stocker is a vertebrate paleontologist focusing on the evolutionary history of reptiles. Michelle splits her research between Triassic archosauromorphs and Paleogene reptiles, as well as the evolution of extant fossorial reptiles called amphisbaenians.


Michelle received a BS in Geological Sciences from the University of Michigan, a MS in Geosciences from the University of Iowa, and a PhD in Geological Sciences from The University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Stocker’s research site

Michelle Stocker


Rachel Reid

Dr. Reid is a paleoecologist interested in how disturbances, such as climate and environmental change, impact species, ecosystems, and their interactions over a range of timescales. Rachel brings an interdisciplinary approach to her research, incorporating viewpoints, tools, and data from geology, ecology, and archaeology, using stable isotope geochemistry as a central methodological tool.


Rachel received a BA in Geology from Carleton College, an MS and PhD in Earth Sciences from The University of California Santa Cruz, and conducted postdoctoral research at Washington University in St. Louis.

Dr. Reid's Google Scholar site

Vicki Yarborough is a paleontology lab manager and vertebrate fossil preparator focusing on Triassic archosauromorphs and dinosaurs. Besides carefully exposing specimens from rock, Vicki develops custom archival specimen storage housings along with support jackets for use during preparation. She trains and helps students and volunteers prepare and conserve specimens for CT (Computed Tomography) scanning and research. 


Vicki received a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Foundation degree from the Wimbledon School of Art in London, England.

Vicki Yarborough

Annamarie is a vertebrate fossil and museum specimen preparator. Extant or extinct, squishy or mineralized, she works to get whatever specimen research-ready. Before VT, Annamarie has prepared specimens for The Field Museum, Chicago Academy of Sciences/Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation, and most recently, the Badlands Dinosaur Museum.


Annamarie has a BA in English from Kalamazoo College, Michigan

Annamarie Fadorsen


Mariah Green is the Museum and Collections Manager at the Museum of Geosciences. Mariah's MS thesis applied 2D and 3D imaging techniques to evaluate and measure bite force in recent and extinct early Paleocene mammals.

Mariah earned a BS in Earth Science from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois, and earned an MS in Museum and Field Studies with a paleontology specialization from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Mariah Green

Post-Doctoral Fellows


Davide Foffa

Post Doctoral Fellow

Office: 5051A Derring

Ph.D.    Geology and Geophysics, University of Edinburgh, UK (2018)

M.Sc.    Palaeobiology, University of Bristol, UK (2012)

B.Sc      Geological Sciences, Universita' di Pisa, Italy (2010)


Research topics:

    Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction
    Paleoecology of terrestrial and marine assemblages
    Mesozoic vertebrate anatomy, systematics, functional morphology and          evolution

Graduate Students


Emily Keeble

PhD Student
Office: 3043 Derring


M.Sc.    Paleontology and Evolution, University of Bristol (2017)


Research topics:

   Vertebrate anatomy and evolution
   Functional morphology of extinct vertebrates
   Faunal change throughout the Triassic

Website: link

Instagram: @deinonychusfloof


Erika Goldsmith

PhD Student
Office: 3051 Derring


M.Sc.     Geology, Temple University (2018)
B.S.     Geology, CUNY-Queens College (2014)


Research topics:

   Phytosaur paleobiology and evolution
   Osteohistology and growth of archosaurs and related taxa 
   Vertebrate responses to environment and/or climate change


Jack Stack

PhD Student
Office: 3051 Derring


M.Sc.    Geological Sciences, Michigan State University (2021)
B.A.     Earth Sciences, University of Pennsylvania (2019) 


Research topics:

  Paleobiology and phylogenetic comparative biology of extinct ray-finned fishes
   Repeated evolution and innovation in fishes
   Evolutionary history of extant biodiversity


Prescott Vayda

PhD Student

Office: 5051A Derring

M.Sc.      Earth Science, The Ohio State University (2021)
B.Sc.       Earth Science, The Ohio State University (2019)
B.Sc.       Evolution and Ecology, The Ohio State University (2019)


Research topics:

      Evolution of life during the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition

      Taphonomy of exceptionally preserved fossils

Helen Burch

PhD Student

Office: 5051 Derring

B.Sc.       Biological Sciences, University of Southern California (2022)

Research topics:

      Ecological modeling

      Vertebrate community dynamics

      Body size estimation

Website: link

Isaac Pugh

PhD Student

Office: 5051 Derring

B.Sc.       Geology-Paleontology, Appalachian State University (2022)


Research topics:


      Archosaur diversification

      Microfossil Assemblage Analysis

Website: link


Mark Nohomovich

PhD Student

Office: 3051 Derring

B.Sc.       Zoology, State University of New York Oswego (2022)


Research topics:

      Animal anatomy and evolution

      Morphology and Ecology

      Animal behavior


Danielle Fitzgerald

PhD Student

Office: 3045 Derring

M.Sc.       Sedimentological and Paleobiology, Queen's University, Canada (2023)

B.Sc.H.    Geological Sciences, Queen's University, Canada (2021)

Research topics:

      Ediacaran glaciations

      Neoproterozoic oxygenation and carbon cylce perturbations

      Origination and diversification of the Ediacara biota

      Extinction of acanthomorphic acritarchs


Visiting Scholars

Qi Wang.jpg

Qi Wang

Visiting Scientist

Office: 3053 Derring

M.Sc. Chang'an University, China (2017)

Gan Tian.jpg

Tian Gan

Visiting Scientist

Office: 3053 Derring



M.Sc.     Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2017)

Undergraduate Students

Henry Ayers
Geosciences (Paleo)

Michael Martin-Baker
Geosciences (Paleo)

Denycè Jasicki
Geosciences (Paleo)

Lina McCloskey
Geosciences (Paleo)
Phytosaur jaw histology

Chris Polcha
Geosciences (Geology)


Simba Srivastava
Geosciences (Paleo)

New Triassic dinosaur


Saye Woodard
Geosciences (Paleo)


Bennett Mallott
Biomedical Sciences


Elizabeth Davis

Geosciences (Paleo)

Marcus Logan
Geosciences (Paleo)


Isaiah McKinney
Geosciences (Paleo)




Lab Night Volunteers

Louisa Gay

Travis Oishi

Former Undergraduates

Mellett 2.jpg

Hannah-Marie Eddins

Animal and Poultry Science

Phytosaur Feet

Michael Mellett
Trilophosaurus Teeth Microwear

Megan Sodano
Drepanosaurus Unguals


James Lotts
Amphisbaenian Head Burrowing


Neil Pezzoni
Early Dinosaur Life History


Zach Lester

Simon McKay

20190228_122241 (1).jpg

Camille Do

Alexa Mullin

Colin Sweeney

Kayla Plattman

Elizabeth Evans

Lauren Bano


Emily Patellos

Emily Lessner

Tara Helms

Mason McCabe.jpg

Mason McCabe


Rebecca Hawkins

Hunter Edwards

Christopher Hayes

Grant Plunkett

Alex Bradley

Christy Nelson

Thea Torrisi

Rebecca Plosey

Carly Heltzel

Justin Lau

Emeritus & Affiliated Researchers

Richard Bambach (Research Associate at Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

Michal Kowalewski (Florida Museum of Natural History)

Nicolas Fraser (National Museum of Scotland)

S. Scheckler (Virginia Tech Department of Biology)

L. W. Ward (Virginia Museum of Natural History)


Junyao Kang (PhD, 2023)
Adam Fitch (MSc, 2023)
Ben Kligman (PhD, 2023)
Khanh To (PhD, 2023)
Morrison Nolan PhD, 2022)

Brenen Wynd (PhD, 2022)
Devin Hoffman (PhD, 2022)
Maxwel Schwid (MSc, 2020)

Christopher Griffin (PhD, 2020)
Dana Korneisel (MSc, 2019)
Krista Koeller (MSc, 2018)
Caitlin Colleary (PhD, 2018)
Qing Tang (PhD, 2018)
Mitchell Riegler (MSc, 2018)
Natasha Bykova (PhD, 2017)
Andrew Hawkins (PhD, 2017)
Drew Muscente (PhD, 2017)
Candice Stefanic (MsC, 2017)
Jacalyn Witmer (PhD, 2014)
Mike Meyers (PhD, 2013)
Jackie Malinowski (PhD, 2013)
Kenneth O'Donnell (PhD, 2013)
Jesse Broce (MSc, 2013)
Carrie Tyler (PhD, 2012)
Troy Dexter (PhD, 2011)
Amy Smith (PhD, 2011)
Evan Anderson (MSc, 2010)
Majken Schimmel (MsC, 2010)
Peter Voice (PhD, 2010)
James D. Schiffbauer (PhD, 2009)
Michael Nakagaki (MSc, 2009)
Kathleen McFadden (PhD, 2009)
Bing Shen (PhD, 2008)
Lin Dong (PhD, 2007)
John W. Huntley (PhD, 2007)
Susan Barbour-Wood (PhD, 2006)
Jennifer Stempien (PhD, 2006)
Richard A. Krause Jr. (PhD, 2006)
Michelle Casey (MSc, 2005)
Megan Brown (MSc, 2003)
Hong Zhou (MSc 2003)
David L. Rodland (PhD, 2003)
Alan P. Hoffmeister (PhD, 2002)
Monica Carroll (MSc, 2001)
Brook K. Wilborn (MSc, 2001)
Roderic J. Brame (PhD, 2000)
Matthew G. Powell (MSc, 2000)

Andrew M. Bush (MSc, 1999)

Gwen M. Daley (PhD, 1999)

Amy E. Tobias (MSc, 1998)

John C. Cawley (MSc, 1998)

Anna L. M. Davis (MSc, 1996)

Philip A. Jahnke (MSc, 1993)

Susan E. Philips (MSc, 1993)

Delphine E. Welch (PhD, 1991)

Allen E. Hubbard (MSc, 1991)

David K. Jacobs (PhD, 1990)

Frederick A. Sandberg (PhD, 1990)

Mark Crowell (MSc, 1988)

David J. Weary (MSc, 1988)

Keith T. Degnan (MSc, 1987)

Julie D. Herman (MSc, 1987)

Roger J. Witmer (MSc, 1987)

Lauren J. McKeever (MSc, 1985)

Sam Wong (MSc, 1985)

Linda T. Deck (MSc, 1984)

John V. Firth (MSc, 1984)

Michael J. Huggins (MSc, 1983)

Wilson S. McClung (MSc, 1983)

Anne E. Maxson (MSc, 1982)

Craig D. Faris (MSc, 1982)

Thomas R. Rounds Jr. (MSc, 1982)

Dale A. Springer (PhD, 1982)

Julia A. Carey (MSc, 1981)

Arnold I. Miller (MSc, 1981)

Robert D. Sartain (MSc, 1981)

Roger G. Humphreville (MSc, 1981)

Bryan H. Roberts (MSc, 1980)

H. Frances Plants (MSc, 1977)

John M. Wilson (MSc, 1977)

Fred E. May (PhD, 1976)

Barbara L. Whitney (PhD, 1976)

Leonard N. Ford (MSc, 1975)

David K. Goodman (MSc, 1975)

David  K. Watkins (MSc, 1975)

David R. Suter (MSc, 1973)

Charles T. Helfrich (PhD, 1972)

Betty Cook Friedman

Past visiting students and scholars:

Axel Hégron (2020)
Dr. Zhengjie Zhu (2019-2020)
Gabriel Mestriner (2019)
Dr. Fanfan Kong (2018-2019)
Juliana Okubo (2017-2019)
Hazel Taruvinga (2018)
Mario Bronzati (2018)
Qin Ye (2016-2018)
Ke Pang (2016-2017)
Julia Arrouy (2016)
Wei Wang (2015-2016)
Junfeng Guo (2014-2015)
Zhou Wang (2013-2015)
Yunhuan Liu (2012-2013)
Zhen Dai (2012-2013)
Tiequan Shao (2012-2013)
Ke Pang (2011)
Bin Wan (2011)
Carolina Zabini (2011)
Yaoping Cai (2009)
Marc Laflamme (2009-2009)
Prof. Jiasheng Wang (2007)
Dr. Pengju Liu (2006-2007)
Chuanming Zhou (2003-2004)
Daniele Decarponi (2003-2004)
Dr. Guoxiang Li (2002)
Jinxian Yao (2001)

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