Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group

at Virginia Tech


Paleontology is a truly interdisciplinary field of research, incorporating aspects of biology and geology, as well as more recent uses of engineering techniques and evolutionary developmental (‘evo-devo’) research. We foster departmental collaborations within Geosciences, as well as collaborative projects across VT, and we encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities that these collaborations can reveal. Explore some of our collaborating labs below!

Labs in Geosciences

Sedimentary Geochemistry Group

Labs in Biology

Joel McGlothlin

Labs in Engineering Science and Mechanics

Comparative Biomechanics

We maintain strong connections to other universities and institutions as a result of our faculty’s own undergraduate and graduate studies. These connections are maintained through cross-university field projects around the globe, as well as collaboration for research projects and conference attendance and presentation. These are connections and interactions that can directly benefit our students. Meet some of our friends from outside the VT family!