Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group

at Virginia Tech

Teaching and Outreach

Graduate Courses

GEOS 5104: Earth Systems History

GEOS 6304: Current Topics in Sedimentology and Paleobiology

Undergraduate Courses

GEOS 1014: Earth and Life through Time

GEOS 3604: Paleontology

Volunteer in the Paleontology Prep Lab!

Our new paleontology preparation laboratory currently is under construction! In this laboratory space, our faculty and students can do detailed mechanical preparation of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils using MicroJack airscribes as well as pinvises using high-quality microscopes and dust collection systems. Our molding and casting capabilities will allow students to learn these techniques as part of their own projects.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Dr. Nesbitt, Dr. Xiao, or Dr. Stocker to learn how to get involved!

Museum of Geosciences at Virginia Tech

Students at Virginia Tech have the opportunity to gain museum and outreach experience developing exhibits and teaching tools through our Museum of Geosciences. We encourage development of temporary exhibits to showcase current research among our faculty and students. Interested in getting involved? Contact Dr. Tracy, Museum Director, or Llyn Sharp, Outreach Coordinator, to learn what you can do!

Virginia Museum of Natural History

The Virginia Museum of Natural History is a fabulous museum about two hours southeast of Blacksburg. They are dedicated to research and collections as related to the commonwealth, and they have a strong and active presence in paleontology. Follow their work here. We encourage our students to develop connections with the researchers and the collections at VMNH in order to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research programs.

Partnership with Petrified Forest National Park (in development)

The Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group at Virginia Tech has strong connections with Petrified Forest National Park. Both Dr. Nesbitt and Dr. Stocker have done several research projects based on Triassic fossils from PEFO, and Dr. Stocker has a history working in Resource Management at the Park. We are working to develop a multi-week program in conjunction with Petrified Forest National Park and The University of Texas at Austin that will give VT students experience in paleobiological and geobiological research, from geological mapping projects to vertebrate fossil collection, from histology studies to public dissemination of research conducted within the park. Interested and motivated students should contact Dr. Nesbitt or Dr. Stocker for more information about this exciting partnership!

GEOS 2024: Earth's Dynamic Systems (First Year Experience for Geosciences Majors)

GEOS 5234: Advanced Vertebrate Evolution

GEOS 4234:  Vertebrate Evolution