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Shuhai Xiao (Proterozoic Geobiology)


Affiliated Faculty

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R. K. Bambach (Paleobiology, Prof. Emeritus VT, Research Associate at Smithsonian Institution)

M. Kowalewski (Vertebrates; Florida Museum of Natural History)

N. Fraser (Vertebrates; National Museum Scotland)

S. Scheckler (Paleobotany; Department of Biology)

L. W. Ward (Invertebrates; Virginia Museum of Natural History)



Current graduate students:

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Mike Meyer, PhD student

Ken O'Donnell, PhD student

Jackie Wittmer, PhD student

Jesse Broce, MSc student

Drew Hawkins, PhD student

Drew Muscente, PhD student

Zhen Dai, visiting PhD student



Recent Alumni:

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Carrie Tyler (PhD, 2012), now post-doc at University of Florida

Troy Dexter (PhD, 2011), now post-doc at University of Florida

Amy Smith (PhD, 2011)

Evan Anderson (MSc, 2010), now PhD student at University of Colorado Boulder

Peter Voice (PhD, 2010), now at Western Michigan University

James D. Schiffbauer (PhD, 2009), now Assistant Professor at University of Missouri

Michael Nakagaki (MSc, 2009)

Kathleen McFadden (PhD, 2008), now geologist at ConocoPhillips

John Huntley (PhD, 2007), now Visiting Assistant Professor at Saint Lawrence University

Lin Dong (PhD, 2007), now geologist at BP

Bing Shen (PhD, 2007), now Professor of Geology at Peking University

Richard Krause (PhD, 2006)

Jen Stempien (PhD, 2006)

Susan Barbour Wood (PhD, 2006)

Michelle Casey, M.S. 2005, webpage

Megan Brown, M.S. 2004

Dave Rodland , Ph.D. 2003
(Visiting Assist. Professor, Southern Connect. St. Univ.)

Alan Hoffmeister , Ph.D. 2002
(Assist. Professor, The College of New Jersey)

Rod Brame, Ph.D. 2002
(American Geological Institute)

Monica Carroll, M.S. 2001
(Ph.D. Student, U. Georgia )

B. Wilborn, M.S. 2000
(Ph.D. Student, U. Oklahoma )

Matt Powell, M.S. 2000
(Ph.D. Student, Johns Hopkins )

A.  Bush, M.S. 1999
Andrew Bush (Ph.D. Student, Faculty Member at University of Connecticut)

Gwen Daley, Ph.D., 1999
Assistant Professor of Geology, Winthrop University