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From asking questions to disseminating results, the Paleobiology & Geobiology Research Group at Virginia Tech explores the breadth of the fossil record using both field-based tools and cutting-edge analytical techniques. Common themes in our research include the origins of major clades, phylogenetic reconstruction, faunal change, extinction, environmental changes, and taphonomic processes.

Our current projects range from understanding the Neoproterozoic fossil record and its paleoenvironmental context to exploring the early evolutionary history of dinosaurs and their relatives. On the following pages are more details about our projects, resources, and the people involved. Welcome!

What we do


September 24th

2 high impact papers came out this week (see below)!

September 30th

The new preparation facilities are now done! They are open for research by faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.

October 3rd

Dr. Neil Tabor will be on campus to talk about the end Permian extinction.

October 4th

Virginia Science festival. From 9 am to 4 pm our paleo preparation lab will be open to visitors. Come see our new discoveries!

October 19th-22nd

GSA meeting with VT members presenting this year


Contact Dr. Nesbitt or Dr. Xiao and provide the following details:

-Your name

-What research interests you have

-What degree you are seeking

Website updated: 24th September 2014

This week (September 24th, 2014) , our research group had two high impact papers come out!


Cell differentiation and germ–soma separation in Ediacaran animal embryo-like fossils

Lei Chen, Shuhai Xiao, Ke Pang Chuanming, Zhou & Xunlai Yuan

Nature                                                                   GET HERE

Direct evidence of trophic interactions among apex predators in the Late Triassic of western North America

Stephanie K. Drumheller, Michelle R. Stocker & Sterling J. Nesbitt

Naturwissenschaften       Blog coverage               GET HERE